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Many important milestones have been reached in the 2020s, but the decade will no doubt be remembered as the coming of age of one Skylar Blue Blowjob in POV. She is a popular onlyfans model and self-professed blowjob experts, She is the girl of the moment. And we’re here for it!    

Who is Skylar Blue?

Little is known about Skylar Blue’s personal life. She’s supposedly from New Jersey, USA which would make her the hottest big boobed babe to come to the City from down the shore since Michelle Visage. We also know that Skylar Blue’s first ever boy / girl porn video comes in at a modest 11 minutes. But boy, oh, boy, are those some of the best 11 minutes everyone’s ever spent with a computer screen and a box of tissues. Put it on repeat and you’ve got yourself a feature film that truly deserves an Oscar nod.

Skylar Blue’s favorite things

The brunette delight with an ass you can bite, Skylar Blue, keeps most things about her personal history private. But she is not shy about sharing her personal interests with the world. In addition to sharing her perky breasts, tight cooch and wet mouth, that is. Skylar lives by the beach and she describes herself as a sun-kissed, blue-eyed, fun-loving rare beauty. She enjoys sucking dick and looking pretty doing it, getting a cum shower on her big, perky breasts, and rubbing one out by the crackling fireplace. 

Relationship Status of Skylar Blue

Like his mysterious girlfriend, not much is known about the dude that plows Skylar Blue on the regular. But we do know some things. First, he’s not shy about showing his average-sized dongle on camera. Second, he tapped that mouth, that snatch and most definitely, that ass. For those of you who can’t take a hint, let me spell it out: Skylar Blue does anal. Sure, it’s not a monster black cock, but it’s anal. Chick is brave like a firecracker.

Social Media Response

It seems the only “official” place one can gaze at Skylar Blue nude photos is OnlyFans as this sizzling hot babe does not yet have any other social media accounts. That’s why we’ve got your back with this website that features all of Skylar Blue’s leaked content.


Skylar Blue would like you to believe that she’s just your girl next door. Truth is, this hot babe is more like your slut next door. We’ve gotten our hands on over 42 free explicit sex videos leaked from skyler profile and more than 105 hot leaked onlyfans nudes. If you were to sum her up, Skylar Blue is one sloppy toppy, ass bouncing, fucking tipsy, good time making all natural bombshell.


This girl is down to show you a good time. Her idea of Sunday Funday revolves around her pretty mouth getting stretched by her boyfriend’s dick and getting spunk all over a perfectly nice Victoria’s Secret bra. Later in the week, it’s time for Thirsty-Thursday, which features Skylar Blue stroking dick and sucking cock until it all ends with a facial finish. Who needs a spa day? Take her out for Valentine’s Day and all Skylar Blue wants for dessert is a decadent, creamy cumshot all over her pretty little face. While she won’t be writing up Michelin Star reviews any time soon, we’re sure drooling for another portion of Skylar Blue nudes and down to fuck.

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Top 5 facts about Skylar Blue

Net worth of Skylar Blue

Skylar Blue’s net worth is a secret guarded as tightly as her snatch. But she makes about $8.00 per subscriber per month and she’s got a lot of those. Unfortunately the only recipient of Skylar Blue’s blowjobs is the dude with the average sized dong.

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Does Skylar Blue post nude photos?

Yes! Skylar Blue’s OnlyFans shows snippets from racy Skylar Blue nude photos and more!

Is Skylar Blue straight or lesbian?

No doubt about this one, Skylar Blue is a huge fan of the cock.

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Yes! You can find the raciest Skylar Blue blowjob videos right here.

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Yes! Again, not easy to find, but you’ve come to one of the few websites where you can see Skylar Blue’s sextapes, nude pictures and her wet pussy.

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